Taoist Master Zhang Tian Shi Praise Mantra

Taoist Master Zhang TianShi (张天师 ) ,

Full name was ZhangLing, or Zhang DaoLing (张道陵), was the founder of the founder of Taoism Zheng Yi Sect (正一道 or天师道), or
known as Religion of Five Dou of Rice (五斗米道) during the Eastern Han Dynasty.

A native of FengXian County, Jiangsu Province, he studied in the Imperial College
and well versed in the Five Classics. He practiced meditation in Heming Mountain in
Sichuan Province during the reign of Emperor Shundi (125-144). In 141, he wrote
twenty-four Taoist texts and institutionalized Taoism, which was called the Religion
of Five Dou of Rice (五斗米道).

Its believers had to pay five dou of rice as
contribution to support his institution. It emphasized repenting one’s mistakes and
has faith in Taoists canons.

It propagated its doctrine by praying and drawing
talisman, charms, and gave treatment with blessed holy water or incantations.
Philosophy of Taoist Master Zhang TianShi emphasizes the union of man and nature,
suggesting that man controls his environment not by fighting it but by cooperating
with it. Believe in immortality.

The teaching of Wu Wei (无为) spread the thought
that man should act naturally upon objective principles instead of imposing his
subjective judgment and wishful thinking onto other people.

Many legends are told about him. One said that Zhang DaoLing was the eight
descendants of Zhang Liang, a high official of the Han Dynasty, he was a tall man,
with extraordinary appearance characterized by full forehead, red hair, green eyes,
straight nose and square mouth, bushy eyebrows and big ears.

All this features, plus his beard, gave the impression that he looked like an immortal priest. Before he was born his mother dreamed an immortal wearing a gold crown and embroidered robe
descending to her room. He gave her a scented plant and vanished.

She awakened to find her quilt, clothes and the entire room was lingered with an extraordinary
fragrance that last for a months. Then she became pregnant. On the day when she
was in labour, the sky was clouded with colored clouds, and the room she was in was
brighten with red beams.

The room was fragranced with the same scent again.
Legends say that young baby DaoLing was able to walk as soon as he was born. He
was extremely intelligent as he had knowledge and can memorize the entire Dao De
Jing (道德 ), astronomy, geography and other scripts at the age of seven.

張道陵天師寶誥 The Praise Mantra of Master Zhang Tian Shi The Praise Mantra (張道陵天師寶誥) was recited during most of the Taoist rituals or ceremonies.

Zhi Xin Gui Ming Li
本來南土 上泝蜀都

Ben Lai Nan Tu, Shang Yi Shu Du

Xian Huo Huang Di Jiu Fing Zhi Dan Shu

Hou Shi Lao Jun Yu Yu Ju

Qian Zou De Xiu Zhen Zhi Yao

Yi Shi Cheng Tu Na Zhi Gong

Fa Lu Quan Cheng

Shou Meng Wei Pin Er Jie Ling Wa

Zheng Xie Liang Bian

Duo Fu Ting Zhi Er Hua Xian Quan
德就大丹 道齊七政

De Jiu Da Dan, Dao Qi Qi Zheng

大悲大願 大聖大慈

Da Bei Da Yuan, Da Sheng Da Ci

San Tian Fu Jiao

Fu Yuan Dao Ti Da Fa Tian Shi

Lei Ting Du Shen

Tai Xuan Shang Xiang Du Tian Da Fa Zhu

Zheng Yi Chong Xuan

Shen Hua Jing Ying Xian You Zhen Jun

Liu He Wu Qiong Gao Ming Da Di

Xiang Mo Hu Dao Tian Zun.


Some Talismans From Master Zhang.