Dragong & Tiger Nei Gong

Dragon & Tiger Neidan
Dragon - Tiger Neigong detailing the various levels with detailed explanation. A very sort after manual on training & inner alchemy detailing the nei kung levels including dynamic tension exercises, the origins of inner alchemy, inner alchemy theory & its relation to heaven and death. Building,Heating & Refining the "Dan" for men. Covers Refining the "Dan" for Women too. Collectors Item ! 366 Pages, Pdf Price: $110 daobooks@yahoo.com

Folk China Spells

Collection & explanation of many mystical arts.
221 Pages, Pdf. Price:$25 daobooks@yahoo.com

Auspicious Magic Book..156 pages

Auspicious Magic Book..156 pages. No other info, very old book !
156 Pdf Pages (over 300 book pages) Language - Chinese. Price:$60 Contact: daobooks@yahoo.com

Heavenly Ancestor Method

All spells have their uses, The well written manual explains each fu talisman one by one. Teaches more then 40 types of spells,and many charms, mudras, taoist footwork/patterns, drawing fu's and much more..
Over 120 pages, Pdf File. Price: $29 Contact: daobooks@yahoo.com

Taiyi Fortune & Prediction Spells Explained

Good Fortune & Prediction spells. Very good book with many pictures & diagrams.
Over 375 Pages ! Pdf File. Price:$35, Contact: daobooks@yahoo.com

Lost Magic Collection

Origins Unknown but very old ! Priceless material to any antique book collection.
40 pages in total- Pdf Version ! Price $75 Contact: daobooks@yahoo.com

Taoist Charm Book

Taoist charms & Spells,Classic Book.
Price: $24, 130 Pages,Pdf Version, Contact: daobooks@yahoo.com

Old Hand Written Spell Book

39 Pages--PDF File Price:$150--- Contact:daobooks@yahoo.com

Old Taoist Charm Book ! Over 100 Years Old

88 pages--PDF File. Price: $75 Contact: daobooks@yahoo.com

Taoist Bone Setting & Orthopedic Techniques

Master Zhu
Taoist Orthopedics is a handbook used to deal with bone fractures,dislocations and other associated trauma. Written Master Zhu, the chief physician of The Taizhou Hospital of Zhejiang Province. First founded in 1901, it is today the largest hospital in all of Zhejaing province, China. The hospital was formed by the merger of two well-established hospitals: Enzhe Hospital (founded 1901) and Taizhou Public Hospital (founded 1946). 246 Pages, PDF file. Price: $24.95 Contact: daobooks@yahoo.com

Wudang Taiyi Gong

Written by the famous Wudang Master Yang (1897 ~ 1990) Wudang Tai-Yi Eagle Gong. This book, for the first time, shows the entire Wudang Tai-Yi Gong System. This extensive How-To manual will cover both Dynamic and Static power postures divided into two parts. With this set of "Tai-Yi" exercises, practitioners can open the hidden points of the hands and also awaken the Ren & Du meridian. Opening the hand channels are said to result in many extraordinary functions.
Price $19.95 158 Pages - Pdf Format. Many diagrams and pictures. Not much theory very practical and straight to the point. Contact: daobooks@yahoo.com

Largest Mudra Collection ! Complete Over 980 Pages

Largest Mudra Collection ! Complete with english subtitles detailing the purpose of each Mudra. The explanations & secret key mantra (needed for activation of energy) are all shown here for the very first time. First published in the mid 80s these book were seperated into 4 series. The 4th series is impossible to get in todays market and considered a collectors item among chinese occultists & healers alike. This text covers medical applications on everything from cancer to myopia. Offered here for the first time are all four volumes totalling over 980 pages.
Price: $195. Entire Collection of all 4 volumes over 982 pages in Pdf Format--- Pages are clean, no marks, no names, no underlining. Please Contact: daobooks@yahoo.com

Tianshan Pai Qigong

Mr. Chen Wei is the 18th generation chief of the Tianshan Sect. He also created many miracles during his visit to France and the United States, A short time of qigong therapy conducted by the master has helped the bed-strichen to walk as an ordinary person does. After several rounds of therapy, the illness can be completely cured.
Presented is Chens Complete Tianshan Qigong method. Covers every possible aspect of Qigong & teaches the essence of the Tianshan Pai in Moving Patterns, Meditations, Direction of cosmic forces. Price:$35-- --272 Power Packed Pages in PDF Format--- daobooks@yahoo.com

Old Maoshan Grimoire

Part of an ancient grimoire. Full version available here. daobooks@yahoo.com

Mt Emei Water Skill

Mt Emei Water Skill: Telekinetic Power Method !

Hsieh/Shi Gong Dao Snake Qigong

First Published in 1920, This book details the complete Hsieh Gong or Serpent style Qi-Gong,said to be one of the oldest in the world. Internal Gong of the seprent is one of the rarest and hardest styles to find and is respected by many high level Sifu. Snake practitioners skin is very cold to touch and emphasis is on developing Yin Chi of the snake,The characteristic of Serpent Boxing. No preview available $35 PDF Version daobooks@yahoo.com

Superior Internal Strength Of China

Packed full of many different ways to gain Chi,Sense Chi, Absorb chi from physical objects,sense the chi of other people, non humans, and animals. Very good and practical with simple explanations. Many folk methods of obtaining chi and various ways to use it in everyday life.
191 Pages, PDF Version, Price:$29.95 daobooks@yahoo.com

Bagua Internal Strength Doctrine

Bagua Internal Strength Doctrine. This unique book is divided into eleven chapters. Bagua internal organ theory, including the basic principles of health. A special section talks about Dong Hai Chuans Meditation Technique & The hand postures used for this. Never shown before in any other books. Bring your Bagua to new levels.
Includes many pictures and lots of Neigong exercises combined with movement & breathing. The bulk of Bagua Internal Cultivation is performed from a sitting posture. Combining breathing techniques and movement to aid the flow of internal energy in the body. 133 pages,PDF Version, Price: $24.95. We Accept Paypal ! daobooks@yahoo.com

Zhu Datongs Taiji Neigung Yang Shengfa

Zhu Datong (祝大彤) was born in 1932 at Beijing, China. Zhu started martial arts at 10 years of age, he got into Taijiquan in the 50s of late century. Zhu learned the skills and theories of Taijiquan from Wu Tunan (吴图南), Wang Yongquan (汪永泉) and Yang Yuting (杨禹廷). Zhu has a 7-Duan (dan) form China Wushu Association. Since Zhu’s retirement in 1991, he has published over 100 of Taijiquan articles at various Chinese martial arts magazines, 6 Taijiquan books and 5 Taijiquan Dvd series. Lots of internal care & cultivation methods,sitting,laying down,standing,
This series Tai Chi Nei Gong Yang Sheng Fa (I) first talks about health & why people get sick. Sports and Health Qigong, The physical need to exercise, Tai Chi and health, Union of yin and yang (movement phase) 9 Brain Gong with subtle cultivation: Sexual health (c) the role of sex in sports, Tai Chi and sexual health ,martial arts. 114 Pages - Pdf Version. Paypal now accepted ! Price: $24.95 daobooks@yahoo.com

Wonderful Esoteric Gong

Unique qigong system, Some contents include * Devloping Psychic Powers & Supernormal Functions * Removal of ills. * Reverse Premature aging and degenerative diseases such as neurosis,etc. * Control various types of cardiovascular disease * Open Microcosmic Orbit Channel promote physical and mental development. * Good for chronic liver and gall bladder disease, myopia, hyperopia and other eye diseases, have a certain effect. * Cure Fatigue, nervousness when the exercise of this power will enable a clear mind. * Strengthening the internal and external energy system. * Much More,
169 Pages,PDF Version Price:$29.95 daobooks@yahoo.com

Yan Xin 9 Step Qigong

Yan Xin (Yan Shin) Qigong: One of the most popular forms of qigong practice in China and worlwide. A very hard book to find today ! It represents the traditional Chinese qigong. It is an ideal art and technique to treat illness, preserve health, achieve longevity, improve efficiency, develop special human body functions, etc. There are hundreds of methods in Yan Xin Qigong, all have been refined over a long time and proven effective by millions of practitioners.Nine Step Method (Child Longevity Nine Step Qigong): A very popular method in YanXin Qigong, safe and practical. In modern China, millions have been practicing the method for years with promising results. Practicing it's first step is a starting point for the learning of all other Yan Xin Qigong methods that will be available shortly.
Over 220 pages Price:$24.95 Detailing the complete 9 step method. Full of many pictures and diagrams,meditation techniques,qigong cultivation. daobooks@yahoo.com

Sample ! Curse To Drive A Spirit Into Anothers Body.

Here is the opening stages of a curse used to transfer a restless spirit into a victims body.

Ancient Manuscripts From Lung Hu Shan. Free Sample !

Chinese Occult Bible

This book is a Giant collection of spells gathered from all over China.A large variety of spells from many sources including Temples,Homes,Ancient Grimoires. Many of the rituals are very simple and practical for those who dont have the dedication or time for heavier rituals.
Over 280 pages ! PDF Version. Lots of pictures and diagrams/fu talismans. Price: $49.95 daobooks@yahoo.com

Taoist Mudras !

Very detailed How-To Manual into taoist mysticism. This book is perfect for anybody wanting to setup his or her own real Taoist Alter for whatever purpose is intended. Some contents include, 1)Charge water with a potent level of energy for a variety of uses with mudras only. 2)Learn to inscribe Fu Talismans upon candles,paper and other offerings. 3)The correct way to offer incense according to the Taoist School. 4)New and many ancient drawings and explanations of taoist mudras and their applications. 5) Create paper spirit figures and much more..
263 pages, PDF Only, Price: $29.95 daobooks@yahoo.com

Maoshan Esoteric Teachings

More methods of divination,healing,Protection,from the Maoshan School.
Only $19.95 PDF Version, 161 pages, Many diagrams or Fu Talismans for a variety of purposes. daobooks@yahoo.com

Maoshan Black Magic Talismans

More talismans and spells from the Maoshan tradition. This is a very practical guide with a large variety of Powerful Talismans and Amulets. This book deals with some of the more the "Darker" aspects of magic. Plenty of applications and many drawings for the eager student. Many of them rarely seen by Westerners or shown outside China for that matter. You now have the opportunity to see what the chinese have kept secret for so long. Learn what they dont want you to know ! Advance leaps & bounds in your magical training and become a formidable opponent and create Hell for any rival !
Price:$59.95 PDF Version Only, daobooks@yahoo.com

Emei Qigong Method

Emei Qigong method for spiritual & martial art. Contains static posture with emphasis on breathing technique, movement form & seated meditation methods to open the body and enable one to access much higher levels of energy.
More then 160 pages with many diagrams of posture,
PDF Version Only

Complete Hard Qigong Method

The way of hard qigong. Withstand full power punches,kicks all over the body and develop an overall toughness unmatched by any western weight training methods.

Explains in full detail stances, moving patterns and different examples of the microcosmic orbit to achieve your iron verst.  Over 181 pages with many pictures and diagrams explaining the various postures and what they do in the way of iron shirt,head,back.
$29.95 PDF Version Only.

Various Internal Qigong Exercises

Lots of different techniques explained in full detail for developing internal energy (Qi) Includes

Standing, moving & sitting postures.Some unusual Techniques for absorbing energy from the moon,sun,sensing the energy.
Over 200 pages with many pictures and clear diagrams.
Price: $39.95.
PDF Version


Maoshan Spell Collection

Maoshan Metaphysic Spell Collection !
Not to be abused. 319 pages, PDF Format.

Buddhist Mudras For Cultivating Energy

Large Collection of Buddhist Mudras. Safety, Protection,Defeat Ghost,Sheild,Etc.
Price: $29.95 PDF Version
Contact Person:

Taoist Spells

Large collection of many Spells, Mudras & Talisman from Taoist, Buddhist and folk method.

Contains spells for winning back lost lovers,
Luck in Gambling,
Summon entities for personal protection,
Various methods of energy cultivation,
Getting rid of Ghost,
Healing Disease, Etc.
$29.95 PDF Only.
Contact Person:

The Secret Of Qigong

This book is divided by the basic theory of qigong and self-cultivation fitness exercises, outside Qi/Gas operation, Hard Qigong Exercises, Expanded Intelligence Gong and other rare exercises introduced, also contains basics about neidan and the various schools of qigong use. PDF Version.
Includes Many Advanced Techniques Not Found In English Books,
Iron Crotch,
Emission Of Qi (Gas),
Martial Arts,
$29.95 Contact,