Maoshan Taoist Black Magic

A couple of days ago, there was a report in Shinmin paper about a reformed pimp, Li Weiming, who is now a pastor. He said he used to be the godson of a Taiwanese triad boss operating in Shanghai, who controlled girls with Maoshan Taoist black magic and manipulating them to work as whores. This boss knew how to draw the talisman of controlling people's minds, which must be burned and mixed with water to be drank by the victims. So he employed those handsome pimps to entice innocent young girls with sweet talk, coercing them to drink the charmed water. Once the girls drank it, they become complete slaves to the master, willing to obey his every command. This was the dark secret behind their prostitution ring. Li eventually grew disenchanted with helping his godfather do evil. He left the boss and came back to Singapore to atone for his sins, which led him to the embrace of Christianity. As the Chinese proverb goes, "Putting down the butcher's knife, become a Buddha from where you stand". Good luck to him.

The Maoshan sect of Taoist Magic is one of the most famous schools of magic in old China, and was once the figurehead of popular Taoism in Southern China. Though Maoshan has largely died out in Mainland China today, it continues to live on through practitioners in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. It was popularized through HK vampire movies in the 80s and 90s, starring the late Lin Zhengying as the Maoshan master battling various vampires and ghosts. Incidentally, Lin is not a legitimate Maoshan practitioner. Maoshan magic is divided into 3 levels, consisting of High, Middle and Low 上, 中, 下. Each level is further divided into 3 sub-levels, totalling 9 parts. 

The Lower 3 levels of Maoshan deals mainly with black magic, controlling ghosts and spirits to do one's bidding. At this level, it is very easy to use the knowledge to do evil. But every Maoshan practitioner must go through this stage of learning first. If they succumb to the temptation of use black magic for their own selfish aims, they will be stuck as "Lower Maoshan" and cannot progress to the Middle or High levels. Drawing talismans to enchant people's minds belong to the Lower Maoshan and the triad boss should be one such practitioner who "turned to the dark side". By using Maoshan Wicha to harm innocent young girls, he has accumulated very serious evil karma for himself. Great suffering awaits the boss when this karma ripens and his consciousness reappears in hell.

One good way to help those victims is to use a sacred peachwood mantra to make holy water for them to drink. By invoking the 5 most powerful divine weapons, the holy water will destroy the Maoshan black magic used to control the girls. 

However, depending on the length of time that they have been enslaved, they will still be permanently damaged mentally to various degrees by the spell. As such, the harm of using such talismans is far-reaching indeed. Magic, no matter Taoist or Buddhist in origin is a double-edged sword that can be used for both good and evil. Ideally, only the most righteous characters should be allowed to learn them. But in reality that is hardly the case. Thus we must all be very careful about the instruction and application of Magic

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