Yan Xin 9 Step Qigong

Yan Xin (Yan Shin) Qigong: One of the most popular forms of qigong practice in China and worlwide. A very hard book to find today ! It represents the traditional Chinese qigong. It is an ideal art and technique to treat illness, preserve health, achieve longevity, improve efficiency, develop special human body functions, etc. There are hundreds of methods in Yan Xin Qigong, all have been refined over a long time and proven effective by millions of practitioners.Nine Step Method (Child Longevity Nine Step Qigong): A very popular method in YanXin Qigong, safe and practical. In modern China, millions have been practicing the method for years with promising results. Practicing it's first step is a starting point for the learning of all other Yan Xin Qigong methods that will be available shortly.
Over 220 pages Price:$24.95 Detailing the complete 9 step method. Full of many pictures and diagrams,meditation techniques,qigong cultivation. daobooks@yahoo.com