Zhu Datongs Taiji Neigung Yang Shengfa

Zhu Datong (祝大彤) was born in 1932 at Beijing, China. Zhu started martial arts at 10 years of age, he got into Taijiquan in the 50s of late century. Zhu learned the skills and theories of Taijiquan from Wu Tunan (吴图南), Wang Yongquan (汪永泉) and Yang Yuting (杨禹廷). Zhu has a 7-Duan (dan) form China Wushu Association. Since Zhu’s retirement in 1991, he has published over 100 of Taijiquan articles at various Chinese martial arts magazines, 6 Taijiquan books and 5 Taijiquan Dvd series. Lots of internal care & cultivation methods,sitting,laying down,standing,
This series Tai Chi Nei Gong Yang Sheng Fa (I) first talks about health & why people get sick. Sports and Health Qigong, The physical need to exercise, Tai Chi and health, Union of yin and yang (movement phase) 9 Brain Gong with subtle cultivation: Sexual health (c) the role of sex in sports, Tai Chi and sexual health ,martial arts. 114 Pages - Pdf Version. Paypal now accepted ! Price: $24.95 daobooks@yahoo.com